Arthritis Advocacy in British Columbia & Yukon

The Arthritis Society Advocacy ACCESS TO MEDICINES

Do you or someone you know have juvenile idiopathic arthritis or inflammatory arthritis? Your voice is important and we need your help in the fight against arthritis! As Canada’s leading voice on arthritis, we want to let you know about this exciting opportunity to add YOUR voice to the drug review process in British Columbia. Your voice is important as the Drug Review Council of the BC Ministry of Health Services decides if and how a drug should be covered by BC PharmaCare. The Arthritis Society, BC & Yukon Division, as a registered patient group, has prepared the following two pdf documents in response to the medications Humira ™ and Orencia ™ being considered for coverage by BC PharmaCare. Our answers to the specific questions asked by BC PharmaCare are available for your consideration. Learn more…
Posted on: 08/23/2013, by : Jacqui

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