From Feeding Tube, Wheelchair, and Pain Medication, To Freedom!

Most Recent Stories and Testimonials // March 12, 2018 (excerpt from provided by Rosaria GraciaBy Rosaria M. GraciaGYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® TrainerDance Artist, Choreographer, Movement Director, University Lecturer, ResearcherThis is Alice’s story. She came to my Gyrokinesis classes in the Autumn of 2016 while still wearing a gastric bag. I was moved by her determination to move. We worked together to strengthen her core […]

Rising above the pain

Teen diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome begins treatment program with help of community For 12-year-old Emma Harrington a fractured ankle revealed a more complex and painful medical condition. Emma is a bubbly preteen. She is sweet, pretty and has a pleasant personality. She loves 4-H activities, her animals and her youth group at Sunset […]

“Pain Doctors Don’t Lie!”

Special Dr.’s call with Dr. Brad EliUpdate: This recording has since become unavailable.This is an excellent call by Dr. Brad Eli discussing the serverity of chronic pain cases he deals with daily and the success his patients have experienced using Nyloxin™. Dr. Eli’s practice is one of the few medical centers in the United States […]

Discovery Channel: Pain Matters

100 million American adults live with chronic pain. That’s more than cancer, diabetes and heart disease combined. According to the Institute of Medicine, the high prevalence of chronic pain suggests that the condition is not being adequately managed. Undertreatment of chronic pain creates large costs to the healthcare system and the U.S. economy; we spend […]
Chronic Pain Its a Family Affair

Chronic Pain, It's a Family Affair

Title: Chronic Pain, It's a Family Affair Author: Disabled Diva Publisher: Disabled Diva Release Date: Sept 8, 2014 Format: Kindle Pages: 74 Most blogs and books about living with chronic pain focus on the feelings of the one in pain. But chronic pain affects everyone that is close to us. All too often I forget […]