Journaling & Healing

Part II: Depth Contact (DC)

Man Around PuzzlesSymbolic Images and Meaning in Life

Deepen your experience as you focus on the exercises in the second half of the Intensive Journal® workbook. Learn how to use Progoff’s unique non-analytical method to draw forth messages from you inner symbolic… Read the rest

Part I: Life Context (LC)

Man Around PuzzlesGaining a Perspective on Life

Learn the basic operating principles for using the Intensive Journal® method through a direct experience in your life. This workshop covers about half of the exercises in the Intensive Journal® workbook. Develop an inner perspective … Read the rest

Program for Teachers

  Progoff Intensive Journal For Teachers Created by Dr. Ira Progoff, a depth psychologist, the Intensive Journal® program is an integrated system using writing exercises that can help teaching professionals become more effective educators. Learn how to work with your experiences and emotions to … Read the rest

Progoff Intensive Journal® Workshop


Progoff Intensive Journal® Workshop February 21st – 24th, 2014

Limited seating, register early and save!

Select from either a two or four day workshop and experience a life-changing process to give your life greater direction, vitality and purpose. Developed… Read the rest

Intensive Journal® Workshops

Microcosmos Experiencing Techniques and Approaches for the Therapy Process
Learn Dr. Progoff’s process for individual growth through direct application and experience in your life. The workshops are an effective and practical way to understand the benefits of the Intensive Journal® method… Read the rest