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  New Life Or Old LifeRetirement is one of the big transitions in life. Being retired is perhaps now a reality for you, no longer a distant situation in your future. Many aspects of our life change: daily routine, priorities, how we think of ourselves, and how others relate to us. Major financial adjustments and planning may be necessary. We may need to reassess where we live. Family concerns may be especially relevant. Our emotions and thought process are stirring during this time of change. We realize that we are entering another distinct phase of life that offers reat promise and possibilities, but is filled with challenges and uncertainty. We want our retirement to be special and meaningful, but how do we decide what to do? How do we get a handle on all of the different aspects of our life? Created by psychotherapist Ira Progoff, PhD, the Intensive Journal® program is an integrated system using writing exercises to give your life greater direction, clarity and purpose. At our workshops, certified leaders guide participants step-by-step through the exercises with the protections of total privacy. You will learn a unique way to take stock of the many facets of your unique life: family relationships, accomplishments, interests, concerns, and priorities. From this foundation, you can take steps to develop a cohesive plan for developing your retirement.
Practical Ways to Develop Your Retirement
The Intensive Journal® method provides specific techniques through our integrated system of writing exercises to help you: Describe your tranisition to retirement
  • Deal creatively with change. Retirement can bring great change in your life in many ways such as: your daily routine, how you relate to and impact others; financial implications; and priorities and interests.
  • Describe each of these areas that comprise this new phase of your life as you connect with your new reality.
Explore and develop interests
  • Review the rich history of your life to discover missed or deferred opportunities. Uncover and explore interests, talents and possible projects that may be ripe for development now that you are retired.
Define and clarify your priorities and values
  • Define your priorities and values. Notice how they may have changed and the implications for each area of your life.
  • Answer the question: what brings you meaning?
Connect with Body and Health Issues 
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the aging process. The body can be a rich source of wisdom in many areas of our life, that can lead to changes in our behavior and life style.
Deepen your connection to personal relationships
  • Explore and perhaps enhance family relationships, which can be an important part of a meaningful retirement.
Define your life style
  • Adapt your daily routines and activities in response to the sea change of retirement. What life style do you want to achieve the objectives of your retirement?
Printable PDFTry a sample Intensive Journal® Exercise
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