A New Twist

excerpt from Spa Magazine- Kim Fredericks

No more back-and-forth workouts. Gyrokinesis takes its cues from the body’s natural rotational movement.

Move over mat classes. Much as Pilates is reclaiming its floor-based roots, Gyrokinesis – the machine-free origin of Gyrotonic – is taking hold in savvy spas, gyms, and living rooms across the country.

Designed to exercise the entire spine – the foundation for all movement (and many believe, of health), this total body workout restores strength and fluidity to muscles and joints. Its fully rotational exercises build core and lean muscle strength while nourishing the body with focused breathwork – which is one reason its original name, in 1977, was Yoga for Dancers.

Gyrokinesis is based on seven different movement principles – bending forward, extending backward, side bending right an left, rotating right and left, and circular. During a 90-minute class, these moves are harmoniously paired with breathing patterns and organized into a flowing workout that resembles a choreographed dance. In the end, Gyrokinesis trains the mind and body to move gracefully while producing a long, lean powerful, and more flexible body…read the complete article

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