A new way to get in shape

CBC News 10, Rochester, NY- Medical Reporter, Robin De Wind

Are you full from all those Thanksgiving leftovers? You may be thinking about getting up and doing some exercise. There’s a whole new way to get in shape and stretch your muscles.

Kathy Farrak does everything she can to stay active and in shape. She says, “I’ve always had lower back issues and it has really helped.”

But the aches and pains of aging can get in the way. Kathy is now turning to a completely new way to lengthen and strengthen her muscles. It’s called Gyrotonic.

A combination pulley tower, and exercise bench offers exercise in a circular motion that loosens the joints in a way typical strength training does not.

Chris Brennan is the Gyrotonic instructor with Pilates Plus in Pittsford.

He says, “This way, this way, that way, the unique thing about Gyrotonic is it exercises your body in three dimensions.”

He says as our backs age the spine compresses. Gyrotonic can help ease that pain.

Chris adds, “It opens up the vertebrae and decompresses the vertebrae and loosens up the muscles where the pain, stiffness or discomfort is coming from.”

Kathy was interested as a way to help improve her golf swing. Since she is looser, it became easier for her to move the top of her body independently from her hips.

Familiar exercises like scissor kicks and bicycling are performed in the air against resistance.

Chris says people usually only come once a week.

“A lot of people it’s their form of physical therapy. They’ve had a shoulder injury or back injury I’m their physical therapist if you will.”

It’s working for Kathy.

She says, “In the first 5 to 10 minutes I can see the difference from how i sit down on the machine and in 5 to 10 minutes is so much easier to do the curls – you feel your body relax and stretch apart.”

Gyrotonic incorporates key principles of gymnastics, swimming ballet and yoga. But the greatest appeal may be for golfers because it adds finesse to the swing. PGA tour pros and those at the collegiate are now including Gyrotonic exercises into their training regimen…view original article and accompanying video

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