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Celebrities and professional athletes are onto something with the rotational stretching and strengthening of Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis

I’ll admit what got me interested in Gyrotonic was the fabulous figures of its celebrity followers – Naomi CampbellMadonna and Julianne Moore, just to name a few.

But what got me hooked was the fascinating philosophy and unique movements I learned from Marta Hernandez, the owner of a wellness studio in Yaletown called The Space Vancouver.

Gyrotonic Expansion System

The Gyrotonic Expansion System was developed by Juliu Horvath (see video), a professional dancer and student of yoga, and consists of Gyrotonic (equipment-based) and Gyrokinesis (mat-based) exercises that draw from ballet, swimming, yoga and Qi Gong (an ancient Chinese practice of cultivating energy through the mind, pronounced chee gung).

Horvath’s brother, a physiotherapist, also influenced the incorporation of “stabilization through contrast” – using equal and opposite forces to help open the joints – into the exercises.

The gentle, flowing movements can be made more strenuous through added repetition, resistance and intention so everyone from professional athletes (Shaquille O’Neil and Tiger Woods are fans) to rehab patients can benefit from the full-body exercises.

Spine Flexibility is the Fountain of Youth

Gyrotonic (“gyro” meaning circle or spiral and “tonic” meaning invigorate or strengthen) and Gyrokinesis (“kinesis” meaning movement) focus on spine flexibility and incorporate circular, rotational and three dimensional movements unlike traditional strengthening exercises (think bicep curls vs. pirouette). Hernandez’s Qi Gong Master, Minke de Vos, says “you’re as young as your spine is flexible.” If that’s true, the Gyrotonic Expansion System might just be the fountain of youth.

Even though the development of Gyrokinesis preceded Gyrotonic read the full article…

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