Do the Twist

excerpt from Forbes- Jonathan Davis

Looking for the next big thing in exercise? Gyrotonic promises to make you stronger, more limber. It might even shave a few strokes off your golf game.

Just when you thought you’d finally achieved true hipness by adding Pilates (or some such trendy discipline) to your fitness routine, the wheel of physical culture has turned yet again. Early adopters are gravitating toward an even newer and certainly more avant-garde regimen called Gyrotonic.

This system of rotational exercises has already caught on with dancers, martial artists, physical rehab patients and a smattering of celebrities. But Gyro’s greatest appeal may ultimately be to golfers, since the exercises lengthen muscles and loosen joints, thus adding both finesse and oomph to one’s golf swing.

Conrad Lawrence, a Los Angeles golf instructor who has devoted 20 years to coaching duffers, argues that titanium putters and depleted uranium drivers do only so much to improve a player’s stroke. “Everybody can buy the same equipment the pros use,” he explains. ” Players who want a real advantage have to train their bodies.” For him personally, that means a Gyrotonic workout session three time a week. Andrew Kahn, 57, a consultant in the apparel industry, recently tried Body Balance – a popular swing improvement program. After taking several Gyrotonic sessions, however, he’s convinced Gyro is “far superior.”…read the complete article

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