Get Stronger and More Flexible This Winter

excerpt from Runner’s World- Christie Aschwanden

The cold temperatures and short days of winter can dampen the desire to lace up and head outside. You can give into this urge by hibernating with Ben & Jerry or by adopting a flexibility and strength-building routine. (Guess which one we recommend?) Practicing Pilates, yoga, or the newly popular Gyrotonic can remedy muscle imbalances, prevent injuries and get you primed for spring running, says Mark Plaatjes, a physical therapist and coach in Boulder Colorado. But since all three techniques provide overlapping benefits – gains in flexibility and strength – it’s hard to determine which is worth your time. Here’s a breakdown of each method to help you select the best one for your mind and body.

Pilates – The Method

Pilates is a system of exercises that emphasize strength, flexibility, breathing, and body awareness. Many signature Pilates moves require a pulley-based “reformer” machine, but there are floor exercises (some incorporating stability balls) that provide similar benefits.

The Payoff – Great abs and…read the complete article

Posted on: 01/22/2012, by : Jacqui

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