GYROKINESIS®: Improve Your Posture with 6 Easy Moves

excerpt from Whole Livingbody+soul in balance

Go with the Flow

Sit for hours hunched in a chair, as many of us do, and your body will actually start to develop a case of perma-slump. While this stance may seem relaxed, it’s probably putting more strain on your body than you realize. Key muscles in your core, hips, and back become weak, while others tighten. This imbalance results in rounded shoulders, a forward-tilting head, and a swayed back.

Poor posture isn’t just aesthetically displeasing: “It can also take a toll on internal organs, leading to a distended abdomen and poor digestion, as well as shallow breathing and fatigue,” warns Justine Bernard, doctor of physical therapy and founder more…


Posted on: 05/31/2012, by : Jacqui

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