GYROTONIC(R) Unraveled: Help Your Body Massage Itself

excerpt from SpaFinder Club Spa

Cowpea twisted upIs it a dance move? Something to do with Middle Eastern sandwiches? Partly relating to dance, but nothing to do with sandwiches, GYROTONIC(R) is a form of exercise that incorporates the principles of dance, yoga, tai chi, gymnastics and swimming, and uses system-specific equipment that focuses on strength, flexibility, coordination and range of motion. Fluid movements and a focus on breathing are a key component in GYROTONIC(R) exercise, which makes it popular with dancers, especially. But even if you’re not a classic ballerina, you too can reap the benefits of GYROTONIC(R).

While the exercise focuses on the core, just like Pilates, GYROTONIC(R) also incorporates musculature, as well as skeletal orientation with hands, feet, arms, legs, ribcage and pelvis assisting in the exercise, creating not only stability, but mobility. This makes GYROTONIC(R) not only a fun and productive way to exercise, but an alternative form of physical therapy or rehabilitation for many as well.

“GYROTONIC(R) is unique in the way it opens up the physical structure of the body…more

Posted on: 06/21/2012, by : Jacqui

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