From Feeding Tube, Wheelchair, and Pain Medication, To Freedom!

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Photo provided by Rosaria Gracia

By Rosaria M. Gracia
Dance Artist, Choreographer, Movement Director, University Lecturer, Researcher

This is Alice’s story. She came to my Gyrokinesis classes in the Autumn of 2016 while still wearing a gastric bag. I was moved by her determination to move. We worked together to strengthen her core and legs, and open her upper body to support the recovery of her organs and breathing. She has been an inspiration to everybody in the group.

The key to working with her was to clarify the function of the Gyrokinesis exercises so that they could be modified to support her recovery without putting on extra stress.

I particularly focused on her breathing, the oppositional nature of the work, and the need to create space in a fluid manner which is an integral element of the system.

The results are astonishing, and the medical profession is amazed by the progress that Alice has made.

And so, without further ado, here is Alice’s story, in her words…

To cover some background, when I began attending Gyrokinesis sessions I was in a wheelchair and had chronic muscle wastage after 13 years of being regularly bed bound. I was attached permanently to a feed pump directly into my bowel after my gastric system had entirely shut down. I hadn’t even had a sip of water for nearly 2 years. I was riddled with both acute and chronic pain, was taking 10 painkillers including several high strength opiates.

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