Implementing the Progoff™ Methodology

Process Definition MagnifierImplementing the Progoff™ Methodology Through the Intensive Journal® Method
The Intensive Journal® method, based upon Dr. Progoff’s unqiue approaches for self-development, has a solid foundation in theory and approach. Here are some of the method’s major features. Intensive Journal® Workbook: Mirroring the Growth Process The structure of sections and corresponding writing exercises in the Intensive Journal® workbook mirror the subjective process of perceptions and thoughts taking place inside yourself. Designed with minimal terminology, these procedures provide the means for moving directly into your inner process and drawing forth emotions and experiences to make them accessible and tangible for further development. Journal Feedback™ Technique: An Active Dynamic Process Through the Journal Feedback™ process, you avoid self-conscious analysis and preconceived ways of thinking to overcome blockages and foster breakthroughs. Issues are viewed from different angles to realize connections and to create integrations of awareness. Structured as an active and evocative instrument, the Intensive Journal® workbook helps you generate energy and momentum to move forward through cumulative ongoing entries. Inner Development: Evoking Your Potential Focusing on inner development, where the most penetrating insights are generated, the Intensive Journal® method provides you with an integrated system for dealing with issues through a direct experience in your life. Certified leaders guide you step-by-step through the method in a contemplative atmosphere.Non-judgmental and non-analytical approaches further the psyche-evoking process. You become immersed in your own growth, drawing forth your unique potential and unfolding life process. Whole-Life Process: Greater Perspective and Safety Progoff’s “whole-life” approach provides important benefits of perspective and safety. Greater awareness about a wide range of life experiences creates a foundation for making decisions. Issues can be viewed in a larger context and become more manageable. Using Progoff™ techniques allows for issues to develop, protecting you from premature judgments.  
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