GYROTONIC® In the Media

Read articles that have been written in popular magazines about the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods.

Filename / LinkSize
GYROKINESIS(R) - A New Twist - Spa Healthy Living Magazine.pdf490.2 Kb
GYROTONIC(R) - Inside Advantage - Runners World.pdf554.4 Kb
GYROTONIC(R) - Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies.pdf1.9 Mb
GYROTONIC(R) - Nice Rack - Entertainment Weekly.pdf292.85 Kb
GYROTONIC(R) - Rules of the Game - Executive Living.pdf692.69 Kb
GYROTONIC(R) - Trend - Time Magzine.pdf284.71 Kb
GYROTONIC(R) - Turn of the Century - Elle Magazine.pdf561.05 Kb
GYROTONIC(R) - Way Beyond Pilates - Luxury Finder.pdf195.96 Kb
GYROTONIC(R) and GYROKINESIS(R) - A Primer - Idea Fitness Journal.pdf1.36 Mb
GYROTONIC(R) and GYROKINESIS(R) - Spiraling Strength - PilatesStyle Magazine.pdf957.59 Kb
GYROTONIC(R)- Do the Twist - Forbes Magzine.pdf828.24 Kb
GYROTONIC(R)- Grace Under Pressure - Newsweek.pdf978.67 Kb
GYROTONIC(R)- How Madonna Got Her Olympian Arms - Star Magazine.pdf290.99 Kb

You may also find a number of videos that interest you on YouTube.

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