Intensive Journal® Workshop – FAQs Part 1

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If you have already attended other writing or self-growth programs, why should you attend the Intensive Journal® workshops?  Some people attend our program because they are facing important issues in a particular area of their lives. They hope to deal with or solve these issues during the workshop. Some individuals may feel that having attended other writing, journal writing, or personal growth programs, attending the Intensive Journal® program would not be warranted. However, the Intensive Journal® program is not like other programs; it is a very unique method for psychological growth, because of its workshop atmosphere, the structure of the Intensive Journal® workbook and the detailed steps in the individual exercises. Individuals who are open to our approach should give our method a full chance to work to see its unique power and benefits. Our procedures will naturally feel different but being exposed to a different approach can be a positive learning experience. How do you prepare for a workshop? No preparation is required for our introductory (Life Context) workshop. You do not need to read or write anything. We ask that you relax and follow along with the instructions provided by our leader. In the second module, Depth Contact, you may wish to record some dreams and imagery that you recall so that you have material to work with in completing those exercises. However, do not worry if you cannot remember any symbolic material. For the third module, Life Integration/Journal Feedback™ process, you should have fresh material in each of the Intensive Journal® sections for the Journal Feedback™ process to have the intended effect. Otherwise, you may wish to attend the Life Context and Depth Contact workshops again or work on your own prior to attending the Life Integration module. Can I bring a laptop computer to the workshop? No. We believe that there is a therapeutic benefit from the physical process of recording your feelings and experiences. The atmosphere in which you work in the Intensive Journal® method is critical. Using a computer tends to have the effect of taking you out of the deepening atmosphere and your inner process. You tend to be in a more analytical mode, which is counter to a key principle for using the Intensive Journal® method. You may feel that you could write a good deal more on a computer. We are interested in the quality of your experience and not the quantity of material that is written. Some people say that they could use a computer to conduct searches for relevant terms that they may have written. However, the Journal Feedback™ process of reading back and recording would be significantly affected and distorted by using a computer in this manner. Using a computer in a workshop can distract other participants and disrupt the quiet atmosphere. The noise of even a quiet keyboard can break the sensitive atmosphere that has developed in the workshop. The only exception to the rule of not allowing computers in the workshop is in cases where a person is physically challenged and would otherwise be unable to participate. In these instances, we recommend that the participant contact the hosting organization in advance so that suitable arrangements can be made. Who attends Intensive Journal workshops? Practically anyone can attend and benefit from an Intensive Journal® workshop. People of different backgrounds, interests, religious faiths and ages attend our programs. Participants don’t have to have an “issue” or “problem;” the common factor is that they have a commitment to learn the Intensive Journal® method and apply it to their lives. You do not have to like to write or to be a good writer. You are writing what comes to you from within. In a sense, you are a reporter on your life The workshops are paced with breaks so that you will have enough energy to participate effectively in the program. You are not writing during the entire program. At other times, the leader provides background information on each Intensive Journal® exercise and answers questions. Where are Intensive Journal® workshops offered? We offer Intensive Journal® workshops throughout the United States as well as Canada, Australia and Europe. In the United States, we attempt to offer our program in most major metropolitan areas at least once a year so that the program can be affordable and accessible. Workshops are offered at personal and spiritual growth centers, conference centers, counseling centers, and universities. We look to hold our workshops at locations that are conducive to reflection and introspection. Shared from the Dialogue House Intensive Journal® website. Intensive Journal® Workshop – FAQs Part 2     
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