Journey to Hyder, Alaska

09-Kitwanga-Jacqui 2006 Hans und Hilda

Hyder, Alaska is a popular destination for many motorcyclists. Located just 2 miles from Stewart, British Columbia and on the Portland Canal, a 70 mile long fjord. Getting there is a nice ride and an opportunity to put some miles on. Many riders will join Ayres Adventures for the Hyder Seek, go ‘just for the halibut’ or as part of earning an Iron Butt Association Award. We’ve riden up to Hyder the last 2 years, with a smaller group of more casual riders on a ride called the Hans und Hilda Hyder Hunt which was begun by a member of our local BMW motorcycle club, the Edmonton Black Gold Beemers BMW Motorcycle Association (aka: BGB). The photo above is of Salmon Glacier, the fifth largest glacier in the world. This is only one example of the many spectacular sights to see while you’re in the area. And reason to come back again and again. Jacqueline, AdvRiderGirl  

Where in the world is Hyder?

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Links of interest…

Ripley Creek Inn
Our favourite place to stay and also home to Toastworks, the toaster museum. A fun place!
Stewart/Hyder International Chamber of Commerce
Information for visitors and residents.
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