Less pain, more gain: The healing power of Gyrotonic

Excerpt from HellaWella, Healthy Living for the Real World

By Jennifer Mosscrop
Have you noticed strange wood and metal machines popping up in fitness studios near you? If not, you will. The exercise is called Gyrotonic, or Gyrokinesis if you practice on a mat or chair, and it is steadily gaining popularity with more than 1,400 studios worldwide. What is it? Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis were created more than 25 years ago by Juliu Horvath, a professional ballet dancer who was searching for a way to heal himself from career-ending torn Achilles tendon and herniated disk. It is based on the principals of gymnastics, swimming, ballet and yoga. Gyrotonic is a low-impact workout that strengthens and lengthens your muscles. You are also enhancing your flexibility and aligning your body in a calm, sometimes meditative state. It targets major muscle groups, increasing range of motion and developing coordination, while strengthening ligaments and all attachments. This makes Gyrotonic the ideal workout for everyone, regardless of age or athletic ability. The machines at Gyrotonic studios—like Body Evolutions in Manhattan’s East Village—may look a little frightening at first with their various straps, pulleys and handles, but they’re friendlier to your body than the weight machines at the gym. In Gyrotonic practice, there are no weights to lift and the machines have just enough resistance that Billy Macagnone, founder and co-owner of Body Evolutions, describes as feeling like “going through liquid honey.” So you won’t find any heavy lifting, grunting or ear-thumping music in a Gyrotonic studio. What do you do on these contraptions?  Unlike your typical workout, Gyrtonic…Read the full article…
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