Part III: Life Integration (LI)/Journal Feedback™ Process

Jigsaw SolutionIntegrating the Life Process

Progoff said the Journal Feedback™ process is the “essence of the Intensive Journal® method and one of my main contributions.” Experience the cumulative dynamic process created from working with material in one workbook section and how it can lead to entries in other related areas. This progressively deepening process generates an inner momentum and energy as you apply Progoff’s non-analytical Journal Feedback™ techniques. Your workbook becomes an active instrument as you approach situations from different perspectives. New awareness and growth become possible as you realize connections between diverse areas. You are drawing your unfolding life process forward as you move toward greater wholeness and integration.

Additional information on the Journal Feedback™ process. Prerequisite: Life Context (LC) and Depth Context (DC), or Life Experience (LE) workshops  


Posted on: 06/17/2013, by : Jacqui

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