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  Progoff Intensive Journal For Teachers Created by Dr. Ira Progoff, a depth psychologist, the Intensive Journal® program is an integrated system using writing exercises that can help teaching professionals become more effective educators. Learn how to work with your experiences and emotions to awareness and insights to give your life greater direction, clarity and purpose. Intensive Journal® exercises help you overcome preconceived ways of thinking to achieve breakthroughs that were previously not possible. At our workshops, certified leaders guide you step-by-step through the exercises with the protections of otal privacy. Our program has a 45 year history of helping over 175,000 people. The Intensive Journal® method provides unique ways for teachers to

  • be more effective in the classroom;
  • develop themselves as teaching professionals;
  • communicate with and relate to parents, colleagues, and the community.
Practical Ways for Teacher Enrichment

The Intensive Journal® method provides teachers with a practical tool to use throughout their career to become more effective in carrying out the many facets of their profession. These benefits include: Reflect on Your Teaching Practices

  • Apply practical methods to reflect on the quality of your teaching practices.
  • Examine your performance in a private non-judgmental environment.
  • Reflect on work related issues from various viewpoints.

Reconnect with Your Passion for Teaching

  • Reconnect with the underlying reasons that you entered the teaching profession.
  • Obtain renewed energy, vitality and sense of purpose. Discover new interests and ways to view your profession.

Foster Relationships in the Teaching Environment

  • Improve communication and interpersonal skills; become better able to listen to and relate to students, parents and administration.
  • Learn techniques to deepen understanding as a way to build bridges to colleagues, parents and community.

Stimulate Your Productivity

  • Stimulate creative and intuitive capacities — a rich source of knowledge for developing new insights.
  • Work through personal issues to allow for greater focus and enhanced relationships with students and faculty.

Develop Your Career Path

  • Gain perspectives influencing the direction and continuity of your career while developing new goals and opportunities.
  • Identify skills and interests for becoming more productive.

Reduce Stress and Prevent Burnout

  • By working through teaching related issues and personal conflicts, the professional environment becomes less stressful.
  • Resolving issues and reconnecting with your passion for teaching helps prevent burnout.

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