Rules of the Game

excerpt from Executive Living (E.L.) – Mike Dries

Legendary gold instructor Dave Rasmussen preaches physical fitness to improve your swing. It’s Sunday at the Masters. Tiger Woods stands over a must-make 15-foot putt. The outcome of golf’s most prestigious tournament is on the line. The television camera zooms in, capturing the movement of Tiger’s eyes as they trace the path his ball will take on its short journey to the record book. Tiger, to be sure, is in his “zone.” Over the years, every golf analyst who has whispered his way through a Sunday afternoon has defined a moment like this in cerebral terms. If the putt goes in, the analyst talks about focus, mental toughness and the ability to block out everything but the task at hand. If not, he reminds the audience how important it is for the golfer to forget a bad shot and move on. The message is clear: At the end of the day, championship-caliber golf is played between the ears, not the shoulder blades. A good golf shot, it’s implied, is not so much a physical act, the way a buzzer-beater is in basketball or a walk-off home run is in baseball, as a mental one.But the mental aspect of the game, Dave Rasmussen will tell you, is only half the story, if even that. Good golf begins and ends with a good swing, and a good swing is a physical act, first and foremost. “If you can’t make the physical movements a good golf swing requires, you’ll never succeed,” Rasmussen says…read the complete article


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