Getting A Move On

reprint The Seattle Times- Richard Seven

Gyrotonic helps you stretch and strengthen smoothly

MOST OF US go through life shaped like frightened turtles: torso listing, shoulders slumped, neck perched forward in permanent computer-screen-staring form. I see it in nearly everyone … Read the rest

Training for Proprioception & Function

reprint from Fitness Management Magazine – by Suzanne Nottingham

Proprioceptive movements in your classes and training sessions can enhance your clients’ body awareness and movement efficiency.

Of a handful of terms recently used in the fitness industry, proprioception and kinesthetic… Read the rest

Gyrotonic: New workout aims for gain without pain

reprint from The Boston Globe- by Alison Arnett

The way we trim and tone our bodies changes by the decade: Running in the ’60s and ’70s, aerobics in the ’80s, kickboxing and indoor cycling in the ’90s. In recent years, … Read the rest

Ultrafit: A full-body rousing akin to wringing out a towel

excerpt from Minneapolis Star Tribune – Stephen Regenold At a growing number of fitness centers, the Gyrotonic technique is realigning both spines and minds. My spine is a sail, arched out and full with wind. I stretch and strain, chin … Read the rest