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Yoga For Chronic Pain – Latest Research and Developments with Neil Pearson, PT

See on Scoop.itMindful and Conscious Living Neil Pearson PT, physiotherapist, yoga teacher, and internationally renowned pain expert joins us to discuss the latest developments and research into yoga as a tool to better manage chronic pain. We will… Read the rest

New Study: The Healing Power of Cuddling

monkeys cuddlingIs there anyone who doesn’t like cuddling? On the physical affection spectrum, it may not be an all-star, but it’s definitely a winner in terms of improving our health and well-being. Besides the obvious physical pleasure of cuddling, there is… Read the rest

NIH-funded study suggests brain is hard-wired for chronic pain

A Map of Chronic Pain
A Map of Chronic Pain

Brain’s white matter may determine susceptibility to chronic pain

Scientists used the structure of the brain’s white matter (green lines) to predict whether a subject would recover from low back pain. Red dots represent differences… Read the rest