Wax on, Wax off: Way Beyond Pilates

excerpt from LuxuryFinder.com – Theresa Loong

Bored with your Pilates workout? Looking to challenge your yoga technique? Try the Gyrotonic Expansion System, nicknamed GXS, for an intense diversion.
wax-on-wax-off-for-the-perfect-workoutBe forewarned – the GXS machines look like large instruments of … Read the rest

Rules of the Game

excerpt from Executive Living (E.L.) – Mike Dries

Legendary gold instructor Dave Rasmussen preaches physical fitness to improve your swing. It’s Sunday at the Masters. Tiger Woods stands over a must-make 15-foot putt. The outcome of golf’s most prestigious tournament … Read the rest

Getting A Move On

reprint The Seattle Times- Richard Seven

Gyrotonic helps you stretch and strengthen smoothly

MOST OF US go through life shaped like frightened turtles: torso listing, shoulders slumped, neck perched forward in permanent computer-screen-staring form. I see it in nearly everyone … Read the rest