Journal Feedback™ Process

Dart Board with Various Arrows

The Journal Feedback™ process is the essence of the Intensive Journal® method.

Dr Ira Progoff

The Journal Feedback™ process is one of Progoff’s major contributions to the field of integrated systems for psychological growth. It can help you … Read the rest

Part II: Depth Contact (DC)

Man Around PuzzlesSymbolic Images and Meaning in Life

Deepen your experience as you focus on the exercises in the second half of the Intensive Journal® workbook. Learn how to use Progoff’s unique non-analytical method to draw forth messages from you inner symbolic… Read the rest

Part I: Life Context (LC)

Man Around PuzzlesGaining a Perspective on Life

Learn the basic operating principles for using the Intensive Journal® method through a direct experience in your life. This workshop covers about half of the exercises in the Intensive Journal® workbook. Develop an inner perspective … Read the rest