Wax on, Wax off: Way Beyond Pilates

excerpt from LuxuryFinder.com – Theresa Loong

Bored with your Pilates workout? Looking to challenge your yoga technique? Try the Gyrotonic Expansion System, nicknamed GXS, for an intense diversion.
wax-on-wax-off-for-the-perfect-workoutBe forewarned – the GXS machines look like large instruments of … Read the rest

spiraling strength – enhance your mind-body connection with GYROKINESIS®

excerpt from pilatesstyle – Leda Franklin

Shell FossilLike Pilates, Gyrokinesis is a relatively new form of physical fitness that emphasizes the mind-body connection. And while some of its movements and breathing patterns may seem similar to Pilates, each system evolved independently, … Read the rest