bcliving writes about GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®

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Celebrities and professional athletes are onto something with the rotational stretching and strengthening of Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis

I’ll admit what got me interested in Gyrotonic was the fabulous figures of its celebrity followers – Naomi Campbell, … Read the rest

Rules of the Game

excerpt from Executive Living (E.L.) – Mike Dries

Legendary gold instructor Dave Rasmussen preaches physical fitness to improve your swing. It’s Sunday at the Masters. Tiger Woods stands over a must-make 15-foot putt. The outcome of golf’s most prestigious tournament … Read the rest

spiraling strength – enhance your mind-body connection with GYROKINESIS®

excerpt from pilatesstyle – Leda Franklin

Shell FossilLike Pilates, Gyrokinesis is a relatively new form of physical fitness that emphasizes the mind-body connection. And while some of its movements and breathing patterns may seem similar to Pilates, each system evolved independently, … Read the rest