Pilates, yoga, rowing, dance and gymnastics have their respective places in the fitness world, while qi gong, Taoism, Reiki and cranial sacral therapy have their respective places in the world of energy healing and transmission. New to many is the Gyrotonic Expansion System, a technique that bridges those two worlds as it ingeniously combines exercise and movement with energetic awakening and transmission.

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The Intensive Journal® program provided me with practical ways of becoming a better teacher by helping me clarify my thinking and feelings about my work and myself. It sharpened my senses and ability to connect with my students more intuitively and directly, listening more openly and clearly. The workshop reopened access to my motivation and enthusiasm about teaching, reinspiring and reconnecting me with my own creativity. I strongly recommend the Intensive Journal® program to all educators.

Peggy McConnellM.A. in Curriculum and Instruction Metairie, Louisiana

Teachers are professionals and as such their practice is developed through reflection and study. The Intensive Journal® method is a serious tool for reflection. The continual working back and forth between the interpretation of past experience and the yearning for new directions allows for the development of realistic plans that carry their own motivations. This is a valuable experience.

Eugene Bartoo, Ed.D.Professor of Education, retired U. of Tennessee at Chattanooga

The value of these workshops goes beyond words. As a teacher, they have helped me become a Reflective Practitioner and advance my critical thinking skills. I had been keeping journals for many years, but nothing comes close to the Progoff™ method!

Alberto Diaz-CruzDep't of Education, New York City

Intensive Journal® exercises introduce students and their teachers to the great Explorer within through trustworthy new tools for mining the rich and the unexpected. Through this process, I have found I can build depth, independence and integration in thought, feeling and understanding, in whatever study I have undertaken. Such experiences make students and their teachers independent and creative thinkers, and joyful learners.

Zoe KeithleySacramento, California

As a teacher educator, my graduate classrooms are filled with often exhausted and nearly burned-out, yet still highly dedicated and mission-driven, men and women who have committed themselves to the teaching life. While state and national standards encourage reflective practice with respect to their teaching, these teachers freely admit they need times and seasons for even deeper reflection, reflection that engages their hearts and souls, balances their busy and complicated lives, and taps the inner wells of creativity that can keep them going.

The Intensive Journal® method is a set of inner tools that accomplishes exactly that: teachers re-encounter themselves and their lives more deeply through the workshop and find both meaning and fresh energy through the momentum of the exercises. Highly recommended for teachers who need a time-out for themselves!

Ellen Faith, Ed.D.Christian Brothers Univ., Memphis, TN

The Intensive Journal® method…can be used repeatedly, effectively in short-term therapy and can make the course of therapy briefer.

S Karla Aadland, PhD

Prior to this workshop, I often assigned ‘journaling’ to clients with minimal results. Now I am able to be much more specific…clients gain more and are empowered.

Dawn Harris, EdD

…the process has tremendous potential to facilitate psychotherapy.

Rob Woodman, PhD
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