The Benefits Of Essential Oils For Chronic Pain

Essential OIls for chronic pain reliefAre you living with chronic pain? If so, you may have become dependent on prescription pain relievers, narcotics, or steroids. Long-term use of these synthetic drugs can cause serious side effects. This is why it is a good idea to look into your natural options. One of the safest and most effective ways of treating chronic pain is through the use of essential oils. They are safe, inexpensive, and easy to use. Essential oils are the oils extracted from plants, usually by steam distillation. Take clove oil for example. Clove oil is the oil extracted from cloves, an aromatic dried spice commonly found on your favorite holiday ham. You may have never thought about using natural alternatives to heal pain but essential oils can provide serious and lasting medicinal relief.

How Essential Oils Treat Chronic Pain

Essential oils help ease chronic pain in three important ways: Aromatherapy Have you ever caught a scent of a certain perfume, cologne or food and been instantly transported back to a warm, familiar place? Scent has a powerful effect on mood and relaxation, both physical and mental. Certain essential oils may provide medicinal relief just by breathing them in. Lavender oil has been shown to induce feelings of relaxation. Eucalyptus oil helps break up sinus and chest congestion when inhaled. Oregano oil placed on the feet during a cold, which absorbs this natural antibiotic into your system, shortens the duration of sickness. Topical Pain Relief Many essential oils can be used on the skin at the source of pain to provide instant relief. Since some essential oils can be quite strong, it is important to mix them with a carrier oil such as vitamin E or coconut oil before use. Wintergreen oil mixed with carrier oil can be used directly on an aching neck or sore back for fast relief. Read the full article
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