Turn of the Century

excerpt from Elle Magazine – Aida Leisenring

Learn machine: Far from confining, the Gyrotonic Expansion System helps the stiff find freedom. It may look like a medieval torture device, but the Gyrotonic expansion system doesn’t hurt – it heals, tones, and may even make you a better dance. What happens when a professional ballet dancer ruptures his Achilles tendon and after his career ends, takes up yoga? He creates a yoga-dance hybrid and builds a machine called the Gyrotonic Expansion System so that the Zen less and rhythm less can learn the art. Never heard that one? Developed in the ‘80s by Hungarian-born Julio Horvath (said exdancer), the Gyrotonic Expansion System may not be new, but its practice has become increasingly popular. In the last three years, the number of studios offering lessons has tripled worldwide. Said to simultaneously stretch and strengthen muscles and increase flexibility and joint mobility; Gyrotonic exercises are helping dancers to enhance theirs turns, golfers to improve their swings, the injured to rehabilitate, and ordinary women to reshape their bodies, getting stronger and leaner at the same time…read the complete article

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