Ultrafit: A full-body rousing akin to wringing out a towel

excerpt from Minneapolis Star Tribune – Stephen Regenold At a growing number of fitness centers, the Gyrotonic technique is realigning both spines and minds. My spine is a sail, arched out and full with wind. I stretch and strain, chin up, head held high. My muscles loosen. Vertebrae crack. I am a jellyfish in the sea. “Drop the shoulders,” instructor Christian Twigg says softly. “Relax. Push. Breathe.” I’m on a bench, downstairs in a basement studio in Uptown. Trance music murmurs from speakers on a wall. Twigg, the 34-year-old co-owner of Awaken Pilates, is by my side, initiating a session in the obscure art of Gyrokinesis. …read complete article

Posted on: 11/15/2007, by : Jacqui

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